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Untold Story of The Diani Kongo Mosque

Amidst huge ancient baobab trees at the northern most part of the exotic shoreline of Diani, lies the Kongo Mosque, a unique monument that has stood for ages. Believed to have been built in the 14th century by the early Arab merchants who visited the East African coast, Kongo Mosque formerly known as the Diani Persian Mosque has been documented as one of the oldest mosques in the region.

The Kongo Mosque of Diani.

The name Kongo was derived from a name found inscribed on a stone on one of the ancient graves at the mosque compound, where one Muslim faithful Swaddiq Kongo was
buried centuries back. This mosque was abandoned when the Arabs left the East African coast and it ended up being engulfed in a thicket.

However 300 years ago, it is said that a native Muslim scholar by the name Sheikh Mwinyi Kombo had a revelation while in his sleep, directing him to look for this mosque. After a couple of days searching, Mwinyi Kombo found the mosque and him together with the local community then cleansed it and from that time onwards it has been used for prayers.

A historical monument lying on a serene environment overlooking the Indian ocean, the Kongo mosque is a remarkable attraction to local and foreign tourists. Its unique architectural design makes it mosque distinct. But being a sacred building, visitors who come to the area are required to observe sanity while in the mosque compound.

Here alcoholic drinks, music and people entering the mosque compound wearing swimming costumes are things that are not allowed at all.

Kongo Mosque area.

The story of Kongo mosque does not end there, meters into the ocean there is a huge round stone. The locals believe that the stone is a sacred, and in the past many people frequented it to make rituals. It is narrated that the stone used to revolve but nowadays it has stopped, for reasons not known by the present day narrators. The stone can be accessed during low tides but when the tide is high, it is completely coverd by water.

Seated on an 18 accre peace of land, the Kongo mosque has ample parking space for muslim faithfuls and other visitors going there. But as you ponder visiting the Kongo mosque or Diani beach as a whole for a swim, it is advisable to follow instructions given out by the life guards deployed here by the local authorities for your own safety.

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