A Mwereni Farmer Success Story

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In 2014 the County Government of Kwale under the leadership of Governor Salim Mvurya and his Deputy Fatuma Achani initiated the County Integrated Food Security Program aimed at changing peoples lives and making Kwale County food secure.  Through this program the County Government bought two tractors for each ward and also started distributing hybrid cows, … Read more

Kibuyuni seaweed farming changing lives in Kwale

Kibuyuni Seaweed Farmers

It is estimated that Kenya earns around 2.5 billion dollars annually from its ocean resources, a positive indication that there can be a potential growth of the country’s GDP through the embrace of Blue Economy. At Kibuyuni village in Kwale County, a group of around 50 members is already making fortunes from seaweed farming, a project that has … Read more

Dokata Water Project


Born and raised in Dokata village of MacKinnon Road ward, 52 years old Mwajoto Mwagawari is today a happy man thanks to the water project opened by the County Government of Kwale in their area back in 2017. To him this project is a relief to hundreds of Dokata residents who for years had to walk long distances … Read more

Kombani Methadone Center

Youth At Kombani Mat Center

Kombani Methadone Center which is the only drug rehabilitation unit in Kwale County, has continued to offer hope to hundreds of addict residents one year after it was established, with numbers of those seeking help increasing. The Medical Assisted Therapy (MAT) center was established on October 2017 by the Kwale County government with only a few drug addicts but today, … Read more

Growing Education Standards in Kwale County


Even though education is the key to improving peoples’ life, it is estimated that only 10% of Kwale County residents have a secondary level of education or above. Its is further estimated that a total of 51% of Kwale County residents have a primary level of education only. As a result the County Government of Kwale under the leadership of Governor Salim Mgala … Read more

The Gazi Bay Mangroves

Gazi Bay

Mangroves are a type of tropical forests, found at the edge of land and sea that are regularly flooded by tidal waters. These forests are among the most carbon-rich forests in the world. They provide important spawning grounds for commercial fish species, filtering pollutants and contaminants from entering the coastal waters and also protect coastal communities against storms, tsunamis and … Read more

Kwale Farmers Embracing Conservative Agriculture


Kwale County Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries in collaboration with Food and Agriculture Organization FAO, is rolling out a project named Increasing Small Holder Productivity and Profitability through Good Agriculture Practices (IPP-GAP), which is anticipated to bring change in the county’s agricultural sector. This project focuses on production change whereby farmers will improve their productivity through adaptation of Good Agricultural … Read more