The Shimba Hills Lodge

Located in the heart of the Shimba Hills National Reserve in Kwale County, the Shimba Hills Lodge lies about 30 km south of the coastal town of Mombasa, and is the only tree lodge at the Kenyan coast nestled in a diverse ecosystem. This elegant lodge is accessible by local safari cabs, and its approximately a 30 minutes drive from the beach resort of Diani.

Accommodation here is exceptionally superb. The Shimba Hills Lodge has two equipped suites each with a spacious living room, a bedroom, an en-suite bathroom and a wooden balcony overlooking a waterhole from where one gets a close view of game animals as they come in to drink water. The Shimba Hills Lodge also has three triple rooms, and 13 twin rooms all with small balconies overlooking the waterhole too. 

Courtesy: Shimba Hills Lodge

This award winning lodge has an open veranda restaurant with a sitting capacity of 80-90 seats, and a bar attended to by qualified staff. During lunch hours, curious resident squirrels normally frequent the restaurant probably to have a bite of mouth-watering cuisine too.    

While at the lodge a visitor enjoys various activities including game drives to the expansive Shimba Hills National Reserve exploring magnificent scenery like the Sheldrick water falls, as well as tracking wildlife living in this national game reserve including the African bush elephant, sable antelopes, giraffes, leopards, buffaloes, colobus monkeys, baboons and warthogs. The Shimba Hills National Reserve famously known as ‘Home of the Sable Antelope’ is also a unique bird viewing place as it is a habitat to various bird species such as the fish eagles, hornbills, African hawks, Guinea fowls, uluguru and the blue sun birds.

A visitor can also opt to take a walk into the thick Shimba rain forest on a long wooden tree top walk way to a platform at the end where he can enjoy a sun downer drink or a romantic candle light dinner while observing wild animals like waterbucks and bushbucks, and also some common reptiles like the monitor lizards in their natural environment. At this platform, bush babies also come craving for a bite of the delicious Shimba Lodge meals.

Courtesy: Shimba Hills Lodge

After dinner one relaxes as he unwinds and gradually drift off to the sounds of the rain forest’s nocturnal choir awaiting the wake up calls by resident fish eagles.

The peacefulness at the Shimba Hills Lodge gives one a unique lifetime opportunity to reconnect with mother nature whilst enjoying breathtaking views of the surrounding coastal rain forest that is home to over 1,300 tree species and over 295 butterflies species.

For adventure holidays, the Shimba Hills Lodge is absolutely the place to visit!

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