Three Sisters Giant Caves of Fikirini


After an approximately twenty minutes boda boda ride from the tranquil fishing village of Shimoni skirting my way through the snaky murram roads, I arrive at Fikirini village in Tswaka. A village of the hidden gem of the Three Sisters Giant Caves, the second largest cave system in East Africa. I meet my guide Ali Toya who takes me through … Read more

Stop Early Marriages, Kwale CEC Member Warns

Mangale Chiforomodo

With reports showing that an estimated 23% of girls in Kenya get married before reaching the age of 18, efforts have been put up to protect the basic rights of the girl child. In Kwale County various stakeholders have come together in a bid to ensure that cases of early child marriages and early pregnancies are eradicated, and at … Read more

SHIFOGA Eco Lodge – Kwale


Set in a cool and refreshing environment in the Shimba Hills Ecosystem, the Shifoga Eco Lodge offers a perfect feel of nature within the limits of Kwale. This Eco Lodge is located just about 200 meters from Kwale main town towards the Shimba Hills National Reserve which is home to the only sable antelope population in Kenya. On arriving at Shifoga … Read more

Kombani Methadone Center

Youth At Kombani Mat Center

Kombani Methadone Center which is the only drug rehabilitation unit in Kwale County, has continued to offer hope to hundreds of addict residents one year after it was established, with numbers of those seeking help increasing. The Medical Assisted Therapy (MAT) center was established on October 2017 by the Kwale County government with only a few drug addicts but today, … Read more


Mombasa Beach

The welcoming aura of Mombasa town tells you how things are normally done at this coastal town.  There is no hurry here as the natives say ‘Mombasa Raha’ two Swahili words meaning Mombasa is enjoyment.  Many people know the coastal town of Mombasa as the second largest town in Kenya after the capital city Nairobi, or just a tourist hub … Read more

The Gazi Bay Mangroves

Gazi Bay

Mangroves are a type of tropical forests, found at the edge of land and sea that are regularly flooded by tidal waters. These forests are among the most carbon-rich forests in the world. They provide important spawning grounds for commercial fish species, filtering pollutants and contaminants from entering the coastal waters and also protect coastal communities against storms, tsunamis and … Read more