The Shimoni Slave Caves: A Haunting Tale

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Find out the haunting secrets of the Shimoni Slave Caves in Shimoni, a picturesque coastal village in Kenya. Not only known for its vibrant marine life and spectacular beaches, Shimoni also holds a painful reminder of the brutal Indian Ocean slave trade. The Kwale Journal delves into the depths of these caves, unveiling stories of … Read more

Munje Octopus Closure: A Success Story


Discover how Munje village’s octopus population is thriving thanks to an innovative octopus closure project. This conservation initiative aims to protect octopuses and balance the marine ecosystem. Rich Marine Biodiversity The azure waters of Munje, a small fishing village in Kwale, Kenya, are home to a diverse range of marine life, including the awe-inspiring octopus. … Read more

A Mwereni Farmer Success Story

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In 2014 the County Government of Kwale under the leadership of Governor Salim Mvurya and his Deputy Fatuma Achani initiated the County Integrated Food Security Program aimed at changing peoples lives and making Kwale County food secure.  Through this program the County Government bought two tractors for each ward and also started distributing hybrid cows, … Read more

Kibuyuni seaweed farming changing lives in Kwale

Kibuyuni Seaweed Farmers

It is estimated that Kenya earns around 2.5 billion dollars annually from its ocean resources, a positive indication that there can be a potential growth of the country’s GDP through the embrace of Blue Economy. At Kibuyuni village in Kwale County, a group of around 50 members is already making fortunes from seaweed farming, a project that has … Read more

A day at Kwale’s Indigenous Baraza Park

Baraza Park

Located 30 km southwest of Mombasa town and 15 kms inland from Kombani junction off the Mombasa – Lunga Lunga highway, Kwale town that borders the Shimba Hills National Reserve is famously known for its unique public garden, The Baraza Park. Travelling uphill from Kombani, one is accorded a warm welcome to this town by the serene environment characterized by … Read more

Tale of the Shirazi people

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The Shirazi community also known as the Kifundi, is one of the minority groups in Kenya, occupying the southern most coastal villages of Munje, Shirazi, Funzi, Bodo, Shimoni and Mkwiro. Being a coastal community a large number of its inhabitants rely on fishing as their main source of income though some practice arable farming. Even though most Kenyans are not … Read more