Fried Octopus –


Octopus is a famous delicacy at the Kenyan Coast. However, octopus can be tough if not tenderized before cooking. Traditionally coastal people tenderize octopus meat by hurling it against rocks or striking it gently using wooden rods. Ingredients For Fried Octopus  1 kg tenderized octopus½ cups cooking oil1 tea spoon salt1 tea spoon grated ginger1 tea spoon … Read more

The Shimba Hills Lodge


Located in the heart of the Shimba Hills National Reserve in Kwale County, the Shimba Hills Lodge lies about 30 km south of the coastal town of Mombasa, and is the only tree lodge at the Kenyan coast nestled in a diverse ecosystem. This elegant lodge is accessible by local safari cabs, and its approximately a 30 minutes drive … Read more