Bungale calls for women empowerment

Kwale County Executive Committee Member for Social Services and Talent Management Ramadhani Masudi Bungale has rooted for women and youth empowerment in the county.

Addressing residents when he presided over the county celebrations of the International Women’s Day in Kinango town on March 8th, Bungale said women have power to bring change in the society, calling upon Kwale county leadership to unite in the movement for women’s rights, equality and justice. 

Kwale CEC Member Ramadhani Masudi Bungale in Kinango.

At the same time the County Executive Committee Member emphasized on the commitment of the County Government of Kwale to ensure equal representation in governance and in employment.

Bungale also stressed on the need to strengthen female entrepreneurship in the county as a way of creating a sustainable business society.

He has however urged women to unite and form women networks at ward levels, and seek relevant information on county projects, employment opportunities and services offered by the county government.

On education matters, Bungale emphasized on the need of Kwale parents to educate the girl child as a way of empowering the society, stating that already the county government has a unique and exemplary bursary program where each ward gets 400 million shillings annually. Through this program the county government is also giving a full sponsorship to students in National Schools.   

He also said that the county’s social services and enterprise development departments have set aside funds to facilitate loans and credits to the youth and businessmen and women of Kwale County.

Kwale CEC Member Ramadhani Masudi Bungale with County Women Representative Zuleikha Juma Hassan

On her part, Kwale County Women Representative Zuleikha Juma Hassan asked Kwale county leaders to unite and work together in the fulfillment of the county’s development agenda.

Zuleikha also promised to work closely with Kwale women from grassroots level as a way of empowering them, saying women have a great potential in the realization of a developed society.

She also called upon Kwale residents to ensure the youth especially the girl child is educated.

Her sentiments were echoed by Kwale County Maendeleo Ya Wanawake chairperson Amina Musau who reiterated that Kwale women have made great strides in education, leadership and in development.

Musau said that though many women are faced with challenges, there is need for women to come together in fighting them.

She also explained that Maendeleo Ya Wanawake organization shall work together with the leadership of Kwale County and other stakeholders in the efforts of empowering women in the county.

This year’s International Women’s Day comes as gender inequality is still rife in the society. Global statistics show that only one in four parliamentarians worldwide are women. If present trends continue with no action, it will take the world to 2086 before the gender pay gap is closed.

The International Women’s Day is an opportunity to stand in solidarity with all those fearless women standing up for gender equality, and spotlight those who often pass unnoticed.

This year’s theme was “Press For Progress”.

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