Boost your immune system with vitamin C foods

Are you wondering how you can stay fit and healthy and keep viruses or illnesses at bay? Health experts are advising on the need to boost immune systems by eating healthy. Foods rich in vitamin C are good immune boosters.

Vitamin C also known as ascorbic acid acts as an antioxidant (a substance that protects human body cells against free radicals). It plays a great role in maintaining good health.

Health studies show that vitamin C helps maintain a healthy heart, repair and restore tissues and also boost the absorption of other nutrients in the body.

Most of vitamin C rich foods are plant-based and are readily available. Here are some of these foods you should try to incorporate in your everyday diet:

Oranges: They are low in calories and a good source of fibre, vitamins C, A, B6 and minerals like thiamine, folate, potassium, calcium and magnesium.

Papaya: Like oranges, papaya is a good source of fibre, and is low in calories. Papaya is rich in vitamins C, A, E and K and minerals like folate and potassium. It helps detoxify the body and smoothens bowel movement. It also helps keep digestive disorders at bay.

Papaya and lemons. Photo: Courtesy

Guava: Guavas are low in calories and rich in vitamin C and minerals such as folate, copper, potassium, magnesium and phosphorus. Studies show that guavas improve blood sugar levels and boost heart health.

Lemon: Lemons are low in calories and contain a good amount of fibre and vitamin C. They also contain a sizeable amount of minerals such as thiamin, folate, calcium, magnesium and copper. They are well known to aid in weight loss, and improve heart and digestive health. Studies also show that citric acid in lemons help in preventing kidney stones.

Capsicum: They are rich in vitamin C, and a source of vitamins E, A and minerals like folate and potassium. Capsicum aid in improving eye health and prevent anaemia.

Our immune systems are the interactive network of organs, white blood cells and proteins that protect our bodies from viruses and bacteria and other foreign substances. It is therefore important that you understand your health and give your body everything it requires to keep its immunity strong.

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