A day at Kwale’s Indigenous Baraza Park

Located 30 km southwest of Mombasa town and 15 kms inland from Kombani junction off the Mombasa – Lunga Lunga highway, Kwale town that borders the Shimba Hills National Reserve is famously known for its unique public garden, The Baraza Park.

Travelling uphill from Kombani, one is accorded a warm welcome to this town by the serene environment characterized by long coconut palm trees that sway swiftly, whilst enjoying a panoramic view of the India Ocean at the Matuga, Vuga and Kwale hill

People relaxing at the precious Kwale Baraza Park.

On reaching Kwale town, a few meteres from the Kwale County Headquaters is the magnificent Kwale Baraza Park, which has its uniqueness from the presence of tall, old indigenous trees that offer a cooling effect to the town and its environs.

The Kwale Baraza Park is a haven well conserved and protected by the local authorities and the larger community. Its tranquility and ease to access has made this garden a frequently visited spot where people from the milieu come to relax. For years now the Kwale Baraza Park has also been a main venue for national, county, community and other important functions.

The indigenous trees present here are also a feeding spot and a habitat to several bird, reptile and insect species. The Kwale Baraza Park is also a remarkable place for sighting the brave and fearless Shimba Hills baboons and monkeys which come out of National Reserve to take a walk in town.

Talking of the Kwale Baraza Park one has to commend the County Government of Kwale under the leadership of Governor Salim Mvurya for successfully rehabilitating this gem, which was untended to in the past.

Today, the podium in the park where meeting are done is in good condition. Additionally there are adequate relaxing benches, toilets, a restaurant block, unique galana walk ways and ample parking space in this public facility. The rehabilitation project also encompassed flowers planting in the garden. From time to time the Kwale Baraza Park is cleaned by youth from the National Youth Service (NYS), making it a clean place to visit.

Shifoga Gardens Cafe in the heart of Kwale Baraza Park

Apart from being a recreational site and an ideal venue for hosting national, county and community functions, the presence of indigenous trees in this garden has a significance to the Kaya elders who to them the trees are sacred.

Near the Baraza Park are important facilities including the Kwale Hospital, Equity and Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) bank branches and ATM points, several mosques and churches, government institutions such as the Kwale Huduma Centre, and some safari lodges and guest houses.

Transport to this park is either the use of public means where one takes a matatu from Likoni Ferry or from Kombani, or even one can use a private car or a taxi. 

From Likoni it is approximately a 40 minutes drive to Kwale town.

Kwale Baraza Park is a unique enchantment, and its inherent features give you a feel of nature and a memorable lifetime experience. Don’t be left out! Take your time to visit this magnificent recreational park.

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