The Shimoni Slave Caves: A Haunting Tale

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Find out the haunting secrets of the Shimoni Slave Caves in Shimoni, a picturesque coastal village in Kenya. Not only known for its vibrant marine life and spectacular beaches, Shimoni also holds a painful reminder of the brutal Indian Ocean slave trade. The Kwale Journal delves into the depths of these caves, unveiling stories of … Read more

Munje Octopus Closure: A Success Story


Discover how Munje village’s octopus population is thriving thanks to an innovative octopus closure project. This conservation initiative aims to protect octopuses and balance the marine ecosystem. Rich Marine Biodiversity The azure waters of Munje, a small fishing village in Kwale, Kenya, are home to a diverse range of marine life, including the awe-inspiring octopus. … Read more

Discover Paradise: A Guide On What To Do At Diani Beach


Nestled in Kwale County approximately 30 kilometers south of the famous historic city of Mombasa, Diani is an amazing holiday destination endowed with pristine white sandy beaches, lush tropical vegetation and a vibrant cultural diversity. Combined with the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, this makes Diani a beckoning haven for holidaymakers. Whether you are … Read more