The wonders of Mwaluganje

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Are you planning a days excursion away from the pearl sandy beaches of the Kenyan coast? Then Mwaluganje Elephant Sanctuary is the place to visit. The Mwaluganje Elephant Sanctuary which forms part of the larger Shimba Hills Ecosystem is a major tourists attraction in Kwale County. This scenic sanctuary that lies approximately 45 km southwest of the coastal town of … Read more

The Shimba Hills Lodge


Located in the heart of the Shimba Hills National Reserve in Kwale County, the Shimba Hills Lodge lies about 30 km south of the coastal town of Mombasa, and is the only tree lodge at the Kenyan coast nestled in a diverse ecosystem. This elegant lodge is accessible by local safari cabs, and its approximately a 30 minutes drive … Read more

Kwale Farmers Embracing Conservative Agriculture


Kwale County Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries in collaboration with Food and Agriculture Organization FAO, is rolling out a project named Increasing Small Holder Productivity and Profitability through Good Agriculture Practices (IPP-GAP), which is anticipated to bring change in the county’s agricultural sector. This project focuses on production change whereby farmers will improve their productivity through adaptation of Good Agricultural … Read more

Discovering Diani Beach

Sky Diving

Voted Africa’s best beach destination for four consecutive years, Kwale County’s Diani Beach Resort is a picturesque setting of pearl white sand blending into the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. This beautiful beach that stretches 10 km from Kongo Mosque to the north to Galu beach to the south, is located 19 miles south of the coastal town … Read more

Governor Mvurya Calls for Peaceful Co-existence

On Tuesday 12th December Kenya marked her 54th Jamhuri Day, a day celebrated each year to commemorate the day when this country became a republic after gaining full independence from the United Kingdom in 1963. Regarded as Kenya’s most important day, Jamhuri Day is marked at National, and County levels. This year Kwale County held its celebrations at Shimba … Read more

A day at Kwale’s Indigenous Baraza Park

Baraza Park

Located 30 km southwest of Mombasa town and 15 kms inland from Kombani junction off the Mombasa – Lunga Lunga highway, Kwale town that borders the Shimba Hills National Reserve is famously known for its unique public garden, The Baraza Park. Travelling uphill from Kombani, one is accorded a warm welcome to this town by the serene environment characterized by … Read more

Kisite-Mpunguti Marine Park and Reserve


Situated on the southern coast of Kenya near Shimoni and south of Wasini Island of Kwale County, the Kisite-Mpunguti Marine National Park and Reserve is a key tourist attraction. Made up of four scenic coral islands namely Kisite, Mpunguti Ya Juu, Mpunguti Ya Chini and Jiwe Jahazi, the park covers an area of 39 square kilometers (Kisite Park 28km2 and … Read more