Shimba Hills National Reserve

Sable Antelopes

Situated in Kwale County, Shimba Hills National Reserve famously known as ‘The Paradise of Sable Antelope’ sits on the second largest East African Coastal Rain Forests in Kenya, about 33 kilometers south of the coastal town of Mombasa.  The National Reserve which has an area of 250 square kilometers is among the major tourist destinations not only in Kwale … Read more

Turtle and Marine Conservation in Msambweni

Sea turtles are among the oldest reptile species in the world, having been in existence for over 100 million years. Globally there are seven species of turtles in the ocean waters, the loggerhead turtle (caretta caretta), green turtle (chelonia mydas), leatherback turtle (dermochelys coriacea), hawksbill turtle (eretmochelys imbricata), kemp’s ridley (lepidochelys kempii), Olive ridley (lepidochelys olivacea), and the flatback turtle (natator depressa). Five of these species … Read more

The giant coconut crabs of Wasini Island


Situated at the southeastern part of Kenya in Kwale County, Wasini Island is the only place in Kenya which is home to the largest land-living arthropod in the world, the coconut crab (birgus iatro), a species of terrestrial hermit crab. These amazing land-dwelling creatures are found in Bogoa area and the Mpunguti Marine Reserve, and here the local inhabitants from … Read more

Tale of the Shirazi people

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The Shirazi community also known as the Kifundi, is one of the minority groups in Kenya, occupying the southern most coastal villages of Munje, Shirazi, Funzi, Bodo, Shimoni and Mkwiro. Being a coastal community a large number of its inhabitants rely on fishing as their main source of income though some practice arable farming. Even though most Kenyans are not … Read more

Kwale County health stakeholders meet


Kwale County Executive Committee Member for Health Francis Gwama Mwatsahu has assured Kwale County residents of getting better and quality healthcare services. In a statement after meeting various health sector stakeholders at Hill Park Hotel in Tiwi, Gwama said that the County Government of Kwale will partner with all the stakeholders to ensure that available resources are well utilized. He … Read more